Walmart Wire

By | July 6, 2019

Walmart Wire.

What is Walmart Wire and how do I log in from home?

The Walmart Wire is the in-store intranet employee portal, from where Walmart Associates can view paystubs, work schedules, ask for sick leave and holidays & see company news.

Current employees can also modify their schedules, pick up extra shifts and choose which departments they would like to work in, in the future.

Walmart Wire Login.

How do I log in to the Walmart Wire from Home?

No associates, managers or employees, can access the Walmart Wire platform from home. Due to security issues, the Walmart Wire can only be logged into from an in-store IP address, a Walmart terminal, while you are clocked in.

If you want to see your schedule, paystubs or other information, you will have to log in to the WalmartOne website or the WM1 app, which offer employees close to the same user features.

You will need to register for a WalmartOne account before you can sign in and use the system from home. You will need your WIN number (Walmart identification number) to create a new WalmartOne account.

If you don’t know your WIN number, you can get it from any in-store by scanning your badge and checking the upper right corner. The WIN number also shows on your paystubs.

You can read more about how to sign in to on our WalmartOne Login help page.

How do I Log In to the Walmart Wire at Work?

1. Find a computer inside the Walmart store (Look in the staff room or where you did your Walmart CBL’s/Pathways).

2. Log-in to the Walmart computer

3. Click on “Wire”.  Or go to Start Programs – Wire.

4. A screen will open with a Login box.

5. Use your Walmart Associate credentials to log in. This is the same information, that you used, when you did your CBL’s/Pathways.

6. You are now logged in to Walmart Wire.

Walmart Wire Schedule.

How do I see my Walmart Schedule on WalmartOne and Walmart Wire?

How to see your Walmart schedule through the WalmartOne website: Go to the, log in, and select “schedule” and finally click on “show schedule”.

How to see your Walmart schedule through the WM1 App: First, download the WM1 app from the app store, open the app, then click on “work” to view your schedule.

How to see your Walmart schedule through Walmart Wire (in-store): Find a computer in-store and log in. Use the search function to search for “Online Scheduling”.


12 thoughts on “Walmart Wire

  1. amy spaeth

    How do I get on Walmartone site again? I do not have a smart phone I need to check on my schedule but it will not let me

  2. Terry Robinson

    I don’t like this, I like to have access from so that I can sit and figure out my schedule and other things quietly.

  3. Joanie Lawson

    I cannot log on to see my paystub, it tells me to see the administrator.

  4. Terry Robinson

    I really want to be able to print and view my work schedule from my computer at home. I do appreciate the extra security precautions, but some of us don’t have apps on our phones and it is handier to use our computers at home.

  5. Pauline Decker

    The new Walmart One is horrible. cannot get in to see my schedule or paystub.

  6. dennis beagle

    Walmart wire does not work from my pc needed to call off couldn’t get in.

  7. Glenn Anderson

    why do we have this always changing to the worse cant get schedule im so glad im quiting

  8. Kathryn Chadwick

    I can’t get registered on my home computer.

  9. Cynthia Komraus

    I was on a leave I worked 19 for Wal-Mart I love the company. I had a heartache and a stroke. I could not after a year. I was a assistant manager I will did use a vacations. Do I loose them?.


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